Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some Summer Randomness.....

We have been on the go, go, go. I have a lot of random pictures I thought I would share. We have been enjoying the sun!
This was a few weeks ago, Erica took the kids and me to the zoo. She has the membership, so it was a fun free trip.

We went to the ocean with Erica and her kids. We stayed in her in-laws cabin. Clint was gone in Alaska at the time, so it was fun to get away and pass some time.

The park down at Ocean Shores

This is at my favorite place...Mud Mt Dam. We try to go once a week, if the weather is good. I love it, water and huge playground together, what could be better?

Me and My Tiny

My cousin and I took our kids, which is 8 kids all together, and went to visit more cousins in Olympia. It was a great time. This is Mariah rocking Mandy's baby Luke to sleep. She is such a big helper!

Fun on Grandpa's Seadoo. The kids had a blast!
I just love the summer. Just keeping busy enjoying every minute of it. I sometimes feel a little guilty Clint is still in Oregon missing all the fun, but then I get over it and make plans for the next day. TEEHEE:)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My little stud's new favorite job...

My 6 year old has a new favorite thing to do. Clint taught him how to run the weed eater, and he is pretty good at it too. I am excited, I don't care for it myself, it makes it really nice. We are quite the team.:)