Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To Finish off our fun weekend~ We had a birthday!!

Mom~Grandma~ Sue turned a year older~ wiser:) And we got to celebrate with her. We love birthdays.
Me and Happy Colson

The kids played a fun game of Twister, even flexible Clint played.
OK, Maybe not so flexible Clint played for a minute!
Uncle Matt gave some horsey rides.
Me, Hailey and Lane. They love to fight over my lap. Lane says "MY MOM". Hailey says "MY AUNTIE" little do they know, there is enough to go around.:) They are in such a fun age.
Happy Birthday Grandma, Thank you for a great time at your house. We love you!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Riding at the Diddy's property!

Matt and Erica invited us out to their property in Buckley, to let the kids ride. They just can't get enough. Clint gave Carter some jumping lessons. He did a really great job (the photographer didn't do so hot though). He only wrecked once, he shed a couple of tears and was ready to rock again.

Clint had to show him how it is done, of course.
Me and "The Newborn" Lane
Erica and the babies, Hailey and Lane
This was a crack up, Clint and Matt hopped on Mariah and Jordan's quads to race and jump them on the track. The girls were yelling at them that they were going to break them. The only damage was a broken tail light. They are just 2 big kids!
We finished the day off with chili dogs and smores. Yummy!
Mariah and Jordan
Isn't this priceless! I can almost hear Hailey giggle just looking at this!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Warning! HUGE POST! Fun with the Diddy's....

Matt, Erica and the kiddos came over for a BBQ, It was a great time, as always. Matt rode bikes with Carter and souped up Carter's ramp. It was so HIGH!
The 2 ramp jumpers! It was a great show boys!
Hailey and Lane
Baby Colson, He is getting So big!
The Chef in action.
After dinner, we hit up the free movie in the Orting park, They were showing Alvin and the Chipmunks. The kids loved it. What is better than laying in the grass with comfy pjs, watching a movie with popcorn, m&m's and capri suns.



Peanut gallery

Love birds, Matt and Erica
After the movie, Mariah was waiting to leave, I think she was a little cold, lol!
But, music started and Erica broke out Dance party! All the kids were jammin'
And the guys were laughing!
The 2 block, ride home.
Tired kids, But it was a blast.:)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pretty quiet week....

Well, It has been a pretty quiet week around the Thomas home. (Literally) Clint is on his 2nd week of working nights, so you can only imagine how hard it is to keep 4 kids quiet in our little house. He gets into bed at about 6:30 and Everyone else gets up around 8, So I have about 5 hours of quiet entertainment. (We love the free movies at the theatre, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.) We are hopeing for only a couple more weeks of this. But besides that we have not been up to much, I am getting all the kids ready to start school. I think mostly I am trying to prepare my mind for 3, yes I said 3, kids to be gone at school. SO SAD! The count down is on, 11 more days of summer break. (Just loved this picture, thought I would share)

Monday, August 18, 2008

So much to post! A great week!

We met my Sister and her family at the water park in Tacoma, last tuesday. It was so much fun. The kids had a blast playing together.

Mariah on the slide

My boys and me


Carter and my nephew Cade

Lane enjoying his chips. Love hanging with the girls. It was a great time ladies!!

Another baby to love!

My cousin Mandy had her baby boy.
Luke Aaron Philip Sandoval, welcome to the world. We love you so much already!

Lane loves babies (A newborn holding a newborn, to cute, hee hee)

Another fun riding weekend.

This last weekend we went back to Buckley property and took the kids riding. It, as usual, was a HOT, fun time. The kids are really becoming great little riders.
Mariah jumping a hill
It was soooo hot, so we went and cooled down in the river. It was scary to watch the guys, but they had fun. They body floated.
I washed all the kids hair in the river. I don't know if it got their hair any cleaner. But at least they were cooled off.
In case anyone was wondering. Remember the jewel that Clint brought home. The monster motor home. I LOVE IT! It is like a house in the woods. Haha. The kids sleep great in it.
Isn't his leg a crack up!

Clint's highlight of the weekend...

Once again, Boys will be boys...First all the guys talked my cousin Big B into taking his jeep into a huge mud hole. And of course he tried it. But he had no luck, STUCK!
Cousin Mark towed him out.
So then my other cousin decided to try it with the quad, but he had no luck either.
His Dad (Cousin) Mark gave it a shot, to try to get it out.
But, they ended up wenching him out.
So, what next, You know Clint. He had to try....He went in and of course got stuck. Everyone was saying, just wench him out too. But Clint won't go for that.
He made it! What a MAN! Or should I say what a KID!! Lol!
Good job Clint:)