Monday, July 28, 2008

More water fun.....

We went to Uncle Jerry's house for dinner on Sunday, always a great time. The kids swam in their pool. Lj decided to make something fun for them. He hung a rope and bar from the excavator for the kids to swing on and land in the pool. They had a blast.

Meet the operators. They come up with a better idea.....

To lift the kids out of the water with a rope and then let them drop. They were so high! Let's just say once again....Only Rodartes!

I thought maybe you were wondering where Carter was....Well the water was a the depth of Carter's height and he is not cool with that. So water was not his thing on Sunday. So this is what kept him busy!
I love Family!

Daddy and the girls....

We went to My Cousin's wedding on Saturday night. I just had to post these pictures. It was a father daughter dance and Clint and the girls were so adorable.

My niece and brother in law were precious too.
My kiddos were all sacked out after a long day of pottery and a wedding. It was a fun day.

Ok, Busy, busy and I am behind!

My kids were invited to a Cousin's birthday at the pottery ceramic place in Auburn. It was so fun for them. Mariah painted a mitt and glove that she said she made for Dad, Jordan made me a jewelry box :), and Carter made a monster truck piggy bank. We had never done that before, and it turned out great.

The whole party gang.

Carter even impressed me, the kid that won't sit still. He did awesome.
Jordan with her tongue like her Dad :)
The birthday girl, Tasha is a big 7
Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy day!

Today was a busy day, We started out with Carter's dentist appt. Lets just say he is the worst patient! He had a bad experience about 4 months ago, he was supposed to get a tooth filled and he freaked! So that is all he remembers. So for a little tooth cleaning appt. He freaked again. I sent him back by himself, I was thinking he would do better if he couldn't see me. Ya right! I went back to check on him, I peeked around the corner and he was hysterical! I thought I was gonna have to spank him right there. lol! Well anyways the end result, his teeth are cleaned and we don't have to go back for 6months. YAH! Anyways I left my girls and Lane in the waiting room (remember I was just peeking on Carter) well they were the best kids. They watched Enchanted, and my girls are the best babysitters. But I had to laugh, when I looked at my camera this afternoon, I found that they had a photo shoot at the dentist. I guess what ever keeps them entertained.

Well, after a little 2nd hand shopping, lunch, haircuts for the boys, We meet the Diddy's for some fun at the park. They kids love the tire swing.
And they found a cool rock to climb on. So you know me, we had to make it a picture!
It was a great day:) ( I just have to forget the dentist part GRRR!)

Fun with My Sister and Niece :)

We were so excited, My sister and Niece came and spent the night with us on Sat. The Boys in their family had a daddy/son church camp trip. So we were so lucky to get to have the girls over. We had a great time. What is better than staying up all until 2 in the morning and visiting with your sister.:)
The kiddos got cozy on my bed and watched a movie.
We went on a walk and played at the park.

And of course the girls played princess every chance they had!
It was such a fun time! Thanks Sista and Princess, We love you! We are excited to have the boys next time too though!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

This is how Rodarte's do it.....

Last night we went to Jared and Lanette's for a hotdog roast and smores. It was fun, with lots of great company. Jared went and found a tree to make a couple of roasting sticks. Check out Jed's marshmellow stick. Don't mind Jared, when he sees the camera, he has to pose.

Yummy smores!
Thanks for the fun time guys!

Cloudy but fun!

We went to Stewert Heights park yesterday, it was pretty cloudy and cool. The boys and I only swam for a little bit, but we had fun anyways. Lane never has a hard time keeping himself entertained.
He loves rolling down hill, here he is getting ready, with Cousin JJ.

The girls are just little fish, you can't keep them out of the water. (I think that is why I always have so many more pictures of the boys.)

Lane found a new way to enjoy a lounge chair. I don't know if you can tell, but it is straight up in the air.

He found the kid's mask again. He loves to wear them around.

Remember I told you I am not very good at taking my own picture. Well, I am still crappy at it. I bet Lane was smiling his best smile too.

That is a little better.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Handsome fellas!

My Uncle David came over to visit the other night, and Lane found a little seat for himself. I think he thought it was just for him. haha
Why is this age so fun? I thought this picture couldn't be any cuter. He is just enjoying his cookie at the lake.
I just had to throw in a picture of the guys. Softball started back up last night for extended season. Jared is always posin'!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Another day at Lake Tapps

The kids and I had another fun day at the lake. We went with some cousins that have a key to a private spot. Lots of privacy.

What can I say....Clint loves treasures!
Clint came home with another jewel. He cracks me up. I guess I should be lucky he can fix anything. It runs awesome, It is just hard on the eyes. LOL! Thanks Uncle David!!

All the kids loved washing it and making it look pretty, or I guess I should say make it look better.

Friday, July 11, 2008

What can I say....I love Sun!!

On Wednesday, we went to Lake Tapps and the kids swam all day in the lake. It was so much fun. It wasn't that busy, so we had a great time.
My newborn dumped out my basket and got in it, I was cracking up! He wore these goggles for about 30 minutes. He loved them. When he ate he put them on his fore head. He is such a ham!
Carter and Cousin JJ
Mariah and Jordan with Cousins Selena and Tasha. They swam their hearts out.
On Thursday, we went to Wild Waves. We go every year but by far this year was the funnest. I am not sure if it is because my kids are getting older or what. We went on a perfect day too. The kids didn't have to wait in any lines. Lane "My Newborn" was the best baby. He went on all the kiddie rides. Loved the water, the Konga river was his favorite, actually every ones favorite. He fell asleep in the stroller when the kids played in the kid Captain thing. So me and SamiJo went on all the big slides. What a blast!
This is the new ride, the kids weren't sure about it at first, (click on it, to look at Jordan's face) But then they loved it. I think they went on it 4 times.
After my first 2 pictures, my camera went dead, GRRR! But we had a great time!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bike ride, Haircuts and Swimming~

Just thought I would post some random pictures....We went for a walk the other night and Clint busted out some of his tricks, lol!
My cute little Gang!
I also got a wild hair the other day and I cut the girl's hair. I just love it, it looks so much healthier and
I thought it would be cooler for them too. I cut about 7 inches on both. It used to be down to their hinnys.

Today, The kiddos and I went shopping at the supermall. I promised them If they were good we would go swimming, so we went to our cousins after. They were not home but we enjoyed their pool anyways. Thanks Lawsons!