Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun in Winchester Bay!!

This last weekend we went to Winchester Bay to go riding. It was a great time with family. Everyone had a fun safe trip.
Clint and Lane
Mariah, Carter and Jordan
Tiny Lane

Clint going up Banshee Hill with Mariah

Here is 1/2 of our group. (It is so hard to get everyone together.)
Lj and Carter, Clint and Lane, Jordan and Mariah

Our little Gang

It was a super time!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A picture first....

This is the first picture of Erica ( Clint's sister) and me, we have a couple with kids in them but we have never taken a picture of just us. We think it is kinda crazy. We are always the ones behind the camera. So I thought I would share it. I think it turned out pretty cute.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rodarte Family Reunion....

We had my family reunion last weekend. It was a great time as usual. I just love being with family.
Here are the Aunts and Uncles that attended. 8 out of the 16.

This is the Great Grand kids that attended

And us Grand kids ~
It cracks me up because my sister and I are so light headed compared to everyone. She says "That is it, dyeing the hair black!"

This is everyone that attended. Crazy to think that is only about half of us.

Me and My Sis Alysa

My sister Alysa, Cousins Cim and Mandy and Me

The kids had so much fun horse back riding. They are little naturals. Take after Cowboy Clint.

Clint and Lane

Carter and Clint

Clint, Lane and Mariah

Jordan and My Niece Mary

Clint even got me to ride.

Cowboy Lane

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Journey to Disneyland....

I really believe that we are the luckiest people, Clint's Dad Scot and Aurora took us on a trip of a lifetime. We went on a 9 day trip to Cali. We stayed in their motor home with them, The Diddy's went in their trailer and family friends in their motor home. We had a group of 19 people, 11 kids. It was wonderful! We got the 5 day pass to Disneyland and California Adventure. The kids were in heaven! And I do have to add, the weather was great. A lot cooler than it was a home, I think our top temp was like 92, but mostly 85ish.:)

Clint and Carter, It was so great to have Clint around for that long of a time. This was his first vacation since our honeymoon almost 10 years ago.
Happy Driver Lane

Mariah and Carter ditched us a few times to go ride rides with Grandpa, he is way funner!

Our 4 kids and Hailey

Jordan and Tinker Bell

Clint and me in the Aladdin show

Thomas Gang and the Diddy's (Clint's sister's family)

Clint, Lane and Jordan ( Mariah and Carter ditched us again)
Jordan and Mom

Jordan, Hailey and Lane

Jordan passed out right out side The Indiana Jones ride, waiting for the group.

The last night, tired kids. Waiting for the Tram. Lane slept during the day on this day, so he was ready to rock. He was walking around saying "Whatcha doin" and cracking up. Too funny!
I am forever grateful to Dad and Aurora! This was a dream come true! Thanks for spoiling us!