Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Christmas Tree!

Where had the time gone? We are one of those late families this year. We got our tree last weekend. It was so cold!

Happy Lane, before he got to cold and was sad Lane.
All the kids took turns cutting down the tree.
And Carter
I love this time of the year!

It was a great Birthday!

My kids had a great birthday! This year we had a simple birthday but it turned out fun and not a lot of work. We went to McDonalds in Maple Valley so all the kids could play in the big toy. My kids got really spoiled, as usual!

Carter being a ham!

All the Birthday kids!
On Sunday we went to Clint's Mom's house to have another birthday dinner. It was great!

Uncle Matt helped the kids do their Gingerbread house. Thanks Matt. :)
Thank you everyone for making their birthday fun and full of love!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday X3!!

It feels like yesterday, but it has already been 8 years! I was scared, nervous and excited! I was about to deliver twin baby girls! I had nothing to worry about, They were 5 weeks early, Jordan was 6.9lbs and Mariah was 5.13lbs, They were Beautiful and Healthy. And we were blessed X2!
5 days before they arrived!

So tiny!

This is them at 2 years old

For Mariah and Jordan 2ND birthday, we gave them the best present ever! A new baby brother! Carter was born on their 2ND birthday!

He was such a good baby! The 4 of us could not love him more!
From day one Mariah and Jordan were little mothers to him. Looking back I remember being busy, but the thing I remember most is all the laughter and love that little babies bring into a home! I wish I could go back and live that time again, I don't want to forget the little things. They grow up so fast!!

Mariah, Jordan and Carter, Thank you for making us a family. You are our Joy! WE LOVE YOU! HAPPY 8Th and 6Th BIRTHDAY!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Newborn at the Dentist!!

Yesterday, Our Newborn got his teeth cleaned at the dentist. I wasn't sure how he would do only being 2 years old, 6 months ago he let them look, but not touch. He changed so much. He let them do everything! I was so impressed. He kept saying, "She has tools like Daddy?" What a big boy!

He got 2 prizes and a backpack. He was the most excited about the new toothbrush and floss picks.:)

The Newborn is in the No Cavity Club....Probably the first newborn to join (most don't have teeth, lol).
Great job Buddy!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Rodarte Christmas Dinner....

We had our Rodarte Holiday dinner on Sat. I always love to see family. It was really great.
My Brother in law Greg, and his boys Cam and Christian with Carter.
My Sister Alysa, Aunt Bernice and Me
Me and My boys All the kids put on a Nativity Play,
Mariah was a Angel in the choir (She is behind her cousin in the pink shirt)
Jordan was the Bright Shining Star.
All the manly Sheep!
Even Santa came, Lane was so scared of him.
Carter and Santa
Jordan and Santa
Mariah and Santa

Update on Wrestling.....

Carter is still going strong....He had a tough week 2 weeks ago. He was in a group with 8 year old advance kids, he did good but he did lose. He got a metal though. So this past weekend he was discouraged, he had a hard time clearing his head and getting back in it. He did get one win! Here is Jared pumping him up...after he won!
Last weeks metal
Clint and Jared coaching him. He is so lucky to have the best coaches!

Newborn Lane sleeping again (Sorry, It never gets old....a sleeping newborn is so sweet. hee hee! Oh, and yeah, he is in a newborn car seat. (it is cousin Luke's)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Carter's Thanksgiving Feast.....

Yesterday Lane and I joined Carter's class for his Thanksgiving feast. It was so fun. Carter gets so excited when Lane joins the class. Lane fits right in with all the kids, you don't even know he is there.
Silly Carter and Lane the olive finger boy.:)

Pilgrim Carter

The boys making their shell necklaces.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Here you go~ Clint's new favorite!!

Pumpkin Bars (Cake)

4 eggs
2c. Sugar
2c. Pumpkin
3/4c. Melted Margarine
2c. Flour
2tsp. Baking Powder
1tsp. Baking Soda
1tsp. Cinnamon

Preheat oven to 325 degrees
Cream eggs and sugar
Add rest of ingredients in order given
Beat until well mixed
Pour into greased 11x17. (Cookie sheet with edges, I guess they call it a Jelly Roll Pan?)

Bake for 25 mins. Then Cool


3oz of Cream Cheese
6 TBSP. Butter
1tsp. Vanilla
1TBSP Milk
2 c. Powdered Sugar


WHAT? My Newborn in a Toddler bed?

OK, I know you are all thinking, why is she taking her newborn out of a crib and into a toddler bed? He should be in a bassinet! Well if you are thinking that, I AGREE! Well, Clint has been telling me it is time to take the side of the crib off and make it a toddler bed. So I guess he won. SO SAD!! But he loved it! He looked so cute!

Our Weekend....

This was a really quiet weekend for us....No wrestling! So It was perfect day to work around the house. We got a new bathroom door the last weekend, so I painted around it where the new trim didn't match up. Then I decided to go around a touch up all the walls. Then I got a little bit crazy and I decided to paint my front door. It is the same color as the dark wall I painted a few months back. I really like it. I think it made the living room really homey. :) So while we were all busy I never laid Lane down for his nap. This is what I found. He cuddled up to big sis Mariah, and went right to sleep. She felt so special.

On Sunday, We had The Diddy's over for dinner. I had to share how cute the kids were. I made pumpkin bars (cake, Yummy! Clint's new favorite!) and I guess since it was cake, Lane and Hailey thought it was a birthday. So, we sang to all the kids. I think we sang and blew all the candles out 10 times. They are such a crack up. Always a fun time.:)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Picture night at Wrestling.....

Last night was picture night at Wrestling, So we lined Our little guys up and took their pictures.
Tough Carter

Clint, Cousin Brandon, Cousin Peyton, Carter and Cousin JJ

My Handsome Boys ~Clint and Carter

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Day of Remembering.....

Today is the day We remember My Dear Mother, not that we don't think of her everyday. It is just the day 14 years ago, that we lost her in a terrible car accident, and she went to be with Our Heavenly Father. You would think after 14 years this day would get easier, But it really just brings it all back like it was yesterday.
She holds a special place in every ones heart.

I miss her everyday, Everything big and little, I wish I could tell her all about it. I am just so thankful one day we will be together again.
I love you

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Sister!

Today is My Sister Alysa's Birthday. I just thought I would share how special she is to me. I am gonna narrow it down to 5 reasons or we would be here all day.:)

1. She can always make me feel better when I am having a bad day!

2. We have been though so much together, Losing both Parents, she understands me, because she feels what I feel.

3. She loves my family unconditionally.

4. She gave me 3 awesome kids to be an Auntie to.

5. She spoils me like a Mom would. She is so giving and caring!!
(This is back in the day when she was bigger than me.:))

Her Beautiful Family!

Her Son Christian celebrated his 7th Birthday on the 9th too. Happy Birthday Christian, We love you!

We hope your day is WONDERFUL! We love you!