Tuesday, September 30, 2008

8 things about me....

My Cousin Danette tagged me again....I love these fun little things.

8 Things I am Passionate about...

My Savior. So one day I will be in Heaven
My husband! I truly feel like I am the luckiest girl.
My 4 kids. How would life be without them?
My Family. Everyone holds a special place in my heart.
My house. I love my little house.
Being Organized. My life is so much easier to manage.
Baking. What is better than a sweet treat?
Being the best I can be. Being a good Wife, Mommy and Friend.

8 words or phrases I say often

Oh, my Gosh!
No way!
That's Sweet!
That is Hilarious!
You crack me up!
What ever!
I am not gonna say it again! (My kids hear that the most, lol)

8 things I want to do before I die

Teach my kids, that they can live without me. (Sounds weird, but my Mom always said I could do it with out her, and I always remembered that after she was gone)

Go to Disneyland with Clint and the kids.
Go on a cruise with Clint
Be a Grandma
Teach my kids all about heaven, (so they will know where I am.:)
Buy Clint all the toys he wants (Banshee, Sand rail, Old 2 door Chevy, Race car, the list goes on and on)
Buy a Bigger house (I love mine but as my kids get older it would be nice to have more room)
Own a 2 door Jeep (I don't need to, but boy that would be fun!)

8 things I have learned from my past

Life is precious, always tell people you love them, you never know when they will be gone.
Family is priceless
You never know how things are gonna turn out.
God has the big picture, everything works out for the best
Chocolate makes things better.
Sisters always make you laugh when you are having a bad day.
Kids grow up to fast!
Raising happy kids is more important than raising clean kids. (Still working on that)

8 places I would love to visit

A tropical cruise
Sandals resort in Jamaica
Disneyland or DisneyWorld with the kids
New York, Ground Zero
Montana ( Stay in a romantic bed and breakfast and ride horses, let Clint hunt, This is Clint's dream Vacation, so it would be fun to do that with him)
Puerto Rico
Anywhere as a Fly, Watch how people do things

8 things I currently need or want

Lane to stay tiny
My kids to always stay healthy
A Sand Rail for me and Clint
Sugar, so I can make cookies
Lose 50 pounds, ( Maybe I shouldn't buy the sugar, huh)
To see my sister Alysa and make Halloween cookie together.
To start Christmas shopping.
To be the best Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend I can be

8 people I tag

Anyone who wants to, I love reading about all of you! No pressure!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Another weekend at the dunes!

We took Our BAD BOY Motorhome to Moses Lake for the weekend. We only had one little minor problem half way there. We blow the heater hose, but with a man like mine, we were back on the road in no time and fixed it for $3.80. Ya hoo! We had a great time.

Here are the girls, Mariah and Jordan with their cousins Selena and Tasha.Daddy and the boys going on a ride in the Rhino.
Mandy and I going crusin'

Clint and Lane going for a ride in the Sand rail.
Clint talked me into going with him. He is so crazy, I don't usually go with him, unless I drive. But I love sand rails because he can't ride wheelies for miles. I had so much fun! My Newborn just sat on my lap, it was great until we would get hosed with sand. Our poor eyes!
Only, one thing happened. Our poor little Carter, We all went on a ride and we went down by the water. The sand was so soft and we were riding back along the shore, the trail was slanted and Carter lost control and rode straight into the lake. He was soaked up to his chest. Thank goodness it was hot, he cooled off real quick. Mandy was right behind him and ran for him, grabbed his quad, and threw him up on the shore. Thanks Mandy. Then with a little work from Clint, he was back on it, riding back to camp. Here he is when we got back, soaked and ready for a shower.
It was a fun trip, Driving out of camp, Lane fell asleep watching out the window. We all played so hard.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A romantic weekend!!

We celebrated our Anniversary this weekend. We had a night of no kids. I had never left Lane over night. So this was a huge deal for me! Our girls were invited to stay the night with Grandma Sue. They had a blast, that is all they have been talking about. First they got to be a part of the Carol Decker BBQ. Then I guess they played dress up with all Erica's high school dance dresses and had a photo shoot.:) Took a "Long Relaxing bubble bath", Even got a violin lesson. Thanks Grandma!

My boys stayed the night with Matt and Erica. I was pretty nervous about leaving my newborn! Lets just I was really stressed about it! I woke up 2 days before with 3 cold sores, I am a FREAK!! Considering him being 2 years & 3 months, it was no big deal to him. Matt and Erica spoiled them rotten. They went bowling, went to dinner and ice cream at DQ, yummy! Then went visiting and got to play with Hailey and Colson's cousins. Then at bed time, Lane got to sleep in Colson's bed, and Carter got to have slumber party in Matt and Erica's room. Lane fell asleep in 2 minutes and slept through the night. I guess there was nothing to be worried about. He is a big "newborn"! Thanks Matt and Erica.

So, Clint and I didn't even know what to do with ourselves. We started out at lunch at Red Robin, then we walked the Supermall. It is unbelievable how fast you can shop when you are with a man and no kids. I think we set a record. The Supermall in 1 hour! Then we went to Fred Meyer and bought Clint his anniversary treat. New work boots! So exciting, for him anyway. Then we met up with some cousins and went to a comedy show, Giggles in Seattle. Pretty funny. We had a fun night. I love spending time with my husband, And since he has been working nights and not getting to hardly see him, it was nice to have him all to myself. It is getting a little easier to relax with no kids, but I still have more to learn. (3 cold sores is pretty pathetic). Maybe next year for our 10 year, we can do a whole weekend. 2 nights:)

I just thought I would share this picture. Today I went out front and Lane was climbing the tree in the front yard. I guess he is getting old if he can climb a tree. My little no shoe monkey.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fun with the Kids!

Well, Last night I got to watch my 2 favorite Diddy's. Clint had to work last night, yeah I know Friday night, they had to finish paving (He told me maybe only one more week, of nights, YA HOO). So I bundled the kids up (since it was so chilly) and headed to the park with their favorite food, McD's, and had dinner. They had so much fun!

Erica had never left Colson for that long, So she was kinda nervous, He did great. He loved swinging, and playing. At his bedtime I put him in Lane's bed and he was out, sound asleep. There was nothing to be worried about, I am the perfect baby sitter. LOL:)
Isn't this picture so adorable, I love his arm.

The 3 boys.

So, after bath for Lane and Hailey, and Colson was snoozing, We had movie and popcorn. What can be better than that. (Thanks Alysa, for the movie, the kids love the Saddle Club movie)

Thanks for the fun night kids!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just me and Lane!

Well, Lane and I are adjusting to being all by ourselves for 4 hours a day. The first couple of days we were pretty lonely, but this week I think Lane is really starting to enjoy having me all to himself. Since the girls were our first, having 2 kids from the start, I never knew what it was like to only have 1 kid. So I guess, it is my turn for 1/2 of the day. Lucky Lane!
Today, the moment Carter got on the bus, Lane said "Come on Mama, Let's go bye bye" so we walked to the park. He was such a ham, he kept saying "Take Picture, Cheese". He is such a poser. So here are some of the cuteness! (Kinda poor pictures, they were from my camera phone)

My little Laners is so much fun!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Donuts, Donuts and More Donuts!

Last night My Aunt Shirley, Cousin Jenny and I made homemade donuts. Aunt Shirley made the dough yesterday and then we all met at Jenny's house to made the final product. We made sugar, powdered sugar and maple bars. Not the healthiest things, but Boy, were they yummy.

Here is the dough all cut out and ready.

My job was to fry them. And here they are, Amazing! Krispy Kremes Watch out!
We made about 5 cookie sheets! Yummy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I love Weddings!

On Sunday, We went to my Niece Stefaine's wedding. I always enjoy weddings. We had a little photo shoot which is always fun too. I didn't get any good shots of Stef in her wedding dress (I know, What was I thinking.)

This first picture is of Me with My 3 beautiful Sisters, Carole, Alysa and Lydia.

Then we added Lydia's 2 daughters, Bride Stef (already in her going away dress) and Sara. (I am not sure where, her other daughter, Molly was)
Here are all the little kiddos, (All but one, Sara's Caylie was sleeping). My little Lane was having a Mommy day, he didn't want to leave my arms, so that is why he is so mad. (Once again, I told you he is a newborn, teehee)
Sister Lydia and her daughter, Bride Stef. They all looked so beautiful!
And You know me, I always love to take a family photo.
Congrats Jon and Stef! We pray you have many many happy years! We love you!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mutton Bustin!

On Saturday, we went to the Puyallup fair, Our biggest excitement was Mutton Bustin. Carter was our little hero. Here he is with Dad getting ready.
The first time he went he got a little scared, his sheep came out of the shoots backwards.
The second time, he did awesome! The goal is 6 seconds and He lasted 5.3 seconds. The cool thing is, if you lose a shoe on your ride, you get a gift certificate for a new pair of cowboy boots. And Carter lost a shoe. YA HOO!!
Here is Lane and Hailey watching the great show!
Good job Carter! You are a stud!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy 9th Anniversary Clint!

Clint and I are celebrating our 9th Anniversary today. We were married September 11, 1999. Since, as you all know, Clint is working nights, So this morning when I got up I had this beautiful treat on the counter.
I just thought I would share some pictures. This first picture is our engagement picture. I just can't get over how young we are, and of course how skinny we are too.

I can hardly remember our life when we were first married. We have been through so much. A month after we were married Clint got very sick, I was so blessed that he lived. I thank God everyday for allowing Clint to stay here with me and make our life together.

Our Wedding

And now 9 years later, We have 4 amazing kids, chubbier bellies, and tons of fun memories!
I love you a little more everyday! You are the great husband, You make me so happy!

Happy Anniversary!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My little Buddy! Can't believe he started Kindergarden!

Today was Carter's big day, He started Kindergarten. I can't believe he is that old. He is pm kindergarten, so he got on the bus at 12, noon. He had his back pack on, ready to go at 11:30. He was so excited. Being his Mom, it is bitter, sweet, I kinda wished he was crying on my leg. I know that is not really what I want, but my selfish part thought it would be a little nice. He was just so adorable and so big!
It is exciting, Since Clint it still working nights, he got to see all the kids off to school on the first day.
Walking to the bus.
Carter and Lane waiting for the bus. Lane kept saying, "Mom, I go on bus", it was kinda sad for him too. He is gonna have Mommy to himself 4 hours a day, what will we do?
His smile was his whole face! Happy to start the next chapter of his life.
We love you Carter, You are the cutest kindergartner!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Can you help?

I just thought I would ask....My Mother in law, Sue Abenroth, is doing something really great! She is walking, for the first time, in The Breast Cancer 3-Day. It is the 60-mile walk over the course of three days. All the Net proceeds benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure , funding important breast cancer research.

All I am asking is for a little support as she takes this amazing journey in the fight against breast cancer! She has been working so hard preparing for this. She is almost to her goal in raising enough money. Every dollar counts. Thank you for your generosity.

Here is a link if you can help. You may need to copy and paste.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Girls...First day of 2nd grade.

I just can't believe my little girls are already starting 2nd grade. I feel like I just brought home two bundles of pink from the hospital. Time really does go too fast. They of course were sooo excited. They are in separate classes for the first time. But we were so excited their classes our kinda together. Their teachers team teach together. So the girls can see each other if need be. I am sure this gives me more peace, then it does them. They think they are just fine, which I am sure they are.
We had a little photo shoot this morning. I thought they looked adorable. (They got their outfits from Aunt Erica)

Walking to the bus.
Getting on the bus. I must say it still makes my heart ache a little.
We hope and pray it is a healthy, safe and fun year!

The fun that ended the summer....

We ended our summer going camping in the Thomas Party Bus. We went to the Yakima area for friday and saturday night. And then stayed at a camp site in Naches for sunday night. We had a wonderful time. The kids played with all their cousins which is always great, rode bikes, and the biggest highlight, fished. It was very fun and relaxing.
Here is our Captain!
Our Newborn, enjoying the ride.
Is there anything better, when you see your kids love on each other. Lane was all about Carter. They just melted my heart watching them lay together.
The two manly fishermen. (Sorry about the poor picture, I was up on the bridge)
Lane had his fishing pole, but he would rather sit on the shore and throw rocks. Too cute.
All the kids enjoying the fire.
Just thought I would share, On Thursday we went to the water park one more time. We had a free coupon and we could not let it go to waste. It was kinda chilly, but the kids didn't care. I just loved this picture of Laners.

What a fun Summer! I feel like we really made the best of it. It was packed full! It will be hard to slow down. I just loved having all the kids home.:(