Sunday, June 28, 2009

He had a blast, but we are happy he is home....

Clint is a lucky guy. He just got home from a King Salmon fishing trip in Alaska. He was gone for 1 week. He went with 4 other guys from Rodarte (2 of my Uncles and 2 cousins). The 5 of them went with Delta 's crew, So lucky Clint... his Dad went too, along with Clint's Uncle and lots of cousins. It was a trip of a lifetime. He made some great memories!

They flew into camp on this float plane, 7 guys traveled together.

Clint and his Dad at camp.
Clint and a beauty

Dad and a big one

Clint and Kevin (our cousin on my side)
Clint and his Dad

All the guys took advantage of all the day light, and fished until 2 in the morning some nights.
He had an amazing time!
We are so glad he is back though, I can't believe I survived not talking to him for 6 days.:)

Thanks Rodarte for spoiling my husband!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Favorite Man!

Clint turned another year wiser. We celebrated last Friday with a little dinner at our house. We also celebrated Father's day too. Clint is a lucky man, he got to attend this years trip to Alaska. Delta Tech (His Dad's work) and Rodarte always send some guys up to go fishing for a week. And this year he was asked to go. He was SO excited, the best part he gets to spend a week with his dad. That is always a treat! I am just so excited to eat a bunch of Salmon, Yum! So I am sure I will be posting some great pictures when he returns. Anyways, that is why we celebrated Father's day early.

Clint with his favorite 'Strawberry Cheesecake'

All the kiddos with Grandpa and Erica
32 Reasons why We Love Clinton Lee

1. is such a hard worker
2. has a smile that is contagious
3. has great blue eyes
4. made 4 adorable kids
5. is a great mechanic
6. can fix anything
7. loves to camp
8. loves to hunt/fish
9. loves to ride at the dunes
10. loves to work on our quads at the dunes.:)
11. is a master bbq'er
12. is all around great at sports
13. loves to play catch with the kids
14. he loves to make fun of the way I throw
15. loves to eat anything I make
16. loves to watch drama shows with me
17. loves to watch Drag racing, Ax man, Sea Hawks and Mariners
18. loves Country music
19. Is SO strong
20. can make any of our kids happy
21. can fix any of our ouchies, he always makes them better
22. fills the other side of our bed, or should I say middle too.
23. is a q-tip freak, he has the cleanest ears in town
24. is a craiglist junkie
25. can do a pony tail in the girl's hair just as good as me
26. always has a hat on
27. hates shorts
28. is a great friend...would do anything for anybody an AMAZING dad!! my best friend! The best husband!
31.He loves Our Heavenly Father
32. He loves us 5 unconditionally!

Life is so great because you are in it! We love you so much! Thank you for all you do!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another year completed!

Can you even believe that school is out again? This year flew by! I now have 3 full time students.:( I can't believe that Lane and I will be all alone next year. What will we do?

Our little man graduating kindergartenThe cap toss.:0

Congrats Bud, We love you!
Cupcake time

Jordan and Mariah on the last day of school. They got their teachers flowers. I love when they love each other!

It was a fun year of ball....

We completed a fun year of baseball. It was a great time for all 3 kids. They learned so much, I was really impressed. We got to get to know some really fun people too. It was kinda sad to see it end.

I just love this little man....So cute in his little uniform!

Our tough 3rd basegal!

Our Power Hitter!!

Carter and his trophy
The end of the year party was at the coaches house. They have a great big blow up water thing. The kids loved it.

The girls with their amazing coach.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tolmie State Park

We went on Carter's field trip on Monday. But first I have to share a picture...last week I helped the class make their shirts that they were going to wear. They painted a real fish, and then we stamped them on the shirt. Lane got to make one too. He loved it! He kept saying "can I take my fish home", too funny...they stunk so bad!

Here is Carter in his on the field trip.
I brought the gang, The girls were so excited to skip school! They had been to the same field trips in the years past. They still had their shirts, so it was so cool to have them all match.
The sun was in all their eyes, so kinda a silly picture if you look at all their faces.

Carter and his whole class
Jordan's best friend is Carter's teacher's daughter. (Did you follow that?) So she came with us too.
The tide was way out so they get to see lots of sea life. One of the Dad's scuba dives and brings up lots of great stuff. We have lots of fun!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I have been Tagged!

Please copy and paste this list, obviously changing the answers to your own, and post a new blog.

A. --Attached or Single? Attached 100% Been married 10 years in Sept.

B--Best friend/s? I am blessed with a lot of great friends. Alysa my sister is of course my #1. My sis in law Erica, My cousin Jenny. And LeAnn is my friend since high school, that is still putting up with me.

C--Cake or Pie? Pie, I love the creamy ones....Chocolate cream pie, yum!

D--Day of Choice? Friday, even more right now, Clint is home!

E--Essential Item? besides my kids? Cell phone, water, keys

F--Favorite Color? Red

G--Gummy bears or worms? bears

H--Hometown? I always say Tumwater....but Clint corrects me and says Orting. I can't argue, I love Orting. But a piece of my heart is in T town

I--Indulgence(s)? Chocolate, ice cream, fried foods! my list is a mile long:)

J--January or July? July, I love summer.

K--Kids? 4, Mariah 8, Jordan 8, Carter 6, and Newborn Lane 3

L--Life is incomplete without? My family, friends, laughter, good food (Heidi, you nailed that one!)

M--Marriage date? Sept 11, 1999

N--Number of siblings? 3, Lydia, Carole, and Alysa

O--Oranges or apples? apples...allergic to Oranges

P--Phobias or fears? Losing family

Q--Quotes? I can't say I have a favorite...but I like this one. "Being a parent means never having a minute but always making a moment.

R--Reason to Smile? School is almost out, I love summer!

S--Season? Summer , what is better than a good tan?

T--Tag 5 people? Andy, Kristin, Stephanie, Jenn, and Lanette

U--Unknown Fact? I am allergic to, watermelon...all melons, oranges, raw carrots, avocado. And much more. Only since I was pregnant with Carter. It swells my throat and mouth. :(

V--Very Favorite Store? I love Target, & old navy

W--Worst Habit? Falling asleep during every movie I try to watch.

X--X-ray or ultrasound? Ultrasounds, so many with twins!

Y--Your favorite food? I love BB-Q's. Chocolate!

Z--Zodiac? Aries

Monday, June 1, 2009

I Can't Believe Our Newborn is 3~ Happy Birthday Lane!

I just can not, and do not want to believe that my baby is already 3. I feel like I just brought him home from the hospital. I wish I could just freeze him to stay little. He is so much fun...He truly completes our family. Lane brings so much joy to all of us. The little things that they say at this age is the best. For example, as I am sitting here typing. He is playing at my feet with his new toy. I just told him to be quiet, mind you it is 10:30. (Spoiled, still up, when all the other kids are in bed...Times sure change, Our other 3 kids were never up past 8:30 at this age, or any other age. He is my buddy when Clint is gone.:)) And he said, "It is OK mom, Carter is asleep, he is asleep hard." ( asleep hard= sound asleep. He is so smart, but so naughty LOL!)
I am so Thankful for our Little MAN!
This is his AMAZING cake his Auntie Alysa made for him!

Thank you to all of you, who made his birthday so special! We love you!