Thursday, January 29, 2009

He loves me...Us!

My cute husband was missing us...Last night he drove almost 3 hours to come home for dinner and sleep at home. He had to leave again this morning at 4:30. It was a such treat in the middle of the week, We thought we wouldn't see him until Friday. I think someone is a little home sick already! I hope it gets a little easier with time.
Thanks Babe! We love you!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We miss Clint ALREADY!!

We officially have a weekend Daddy/Husband. The Oregon job has begun and Clint is on it.:( We are not sure how long he will be a part of it, but the job is supposed to be about 8 months long. He left on Monday morning at about 5, it is about 2 1/2 hours away. This week he is staying in a hotel and then I guess My Uncle David and Clint will be staying in a apartment that they are renting for them.
You all know how addicted I am to my Clint, this will be a huge adjustment. ( I think Clint working nights last summer helped though, I was able to learn how to sleep alone. ) I have the better end of the deal though, At least I have the kids. He sounded so board on the phone last night. 4 kids = never a dull moment.
One great thing I made myself learn before his departure. To make a fire! You might say, just now you learned? Yes! I must say I can do a lot of things, but I sucked at that! The ticket for me is to cut my own wood, so they are small enough that I don't smother the fire. I have my house so toasty! I am so proud, I love it!

Happy Birthday Erica!

Erica celebrated her 28th birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday! You are so special to us! Thank you for being a great Auntie to Mariah, Jordan, Carter and Lane! We love you!

For lunch yesterday we went to Applebee's with Erica and her family and Grandma Sue to celebrate her birthday. Then we went to the Supermall and let the kids ride the Carousel. Thanks Grandma for the fun!

Last week review....

Monday, MLK day, The kids and I went to see the movie, Marley and Me. It was a all around good family movie. Funny, sad, and just cute.
We had a pretty low key week, Went walking with my friend LeAnn and her girls. It was super cold, but fun!

Carter had a dentist appt. and he did pretty good. He is my kid that hates the dentist, (freaks out, actually) But it was just a cleaning and it went pretty smoothly.

Clint got to go Pheasant and Chukar hunting on Friday - Saturday night in Oregon. Rodarte took 12 lucky guys, Clint said it was a trip of a lifetime. He had a blast! He didn't take any pictures, sorry!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Long Lifetime Friend!

Sunday I got to see my childhood friend. We have been friends since we were 3 years old. We grew up in the same neighborhood. She is having her first baby, Baby Owen, so I got to attend her baby shower. It was so great to see Jenn and her mom Liz.

She has 7 weeks left, I am not sure where that is gonna go on her tiny little body. She looks so adorable!
We love you, So great to see you!!

Monster Trucks Ralley.....

On Friday night we headed to the Tacoma Dome for the Monster Truck show. It is one the kids favorite things of the year. It was a great time with lots of family!
I have to mention one sad thought though, During the show we saw a bunch on chaos in the distance in another section. We weren't sure if it was a fight or what, and later we learned that a 6 year old boy and a man, got hit in the head by debris off a monster truck. On the news it said that later the little boy died. Our thoughts and prayers go out to that family.

Half of our family.Happy Cousins

Finally a Pajama Party...

Carter finally got to have his pajama party at school. It was supposed to be right before Christmas break and due to all the snow it got canceled. After the break his teacher rescheduled it, and due to the flooding it got canceled again. Crazy Weather, Jordan "Carter's poor pajama party." Well anyways last Thursday was the lucky day. All the kids got to make a snowman craft, frost and eat cookies and watch a movie. Lucky kids!
Lane wasn't to sure of the pajama thing. Carter got out of his clothes and into pajamas to go to school (Afternoon kindergarten), Lane thought they had to go to bed. So we brought his pj's in a bag just in case he changed his mind. When he saw all the kids he excitedly put them on. Too cute!

Lane and Carter with his good friend Luke.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A great weekend....

We had a another good weekend... Friday night we were invited to my Uncle Frank's 59th birthday. It was only for adults, My kids went to Grandpa's house which is always fun for them. They didn't want to come home ( I think my newborn missed me though.) His 9 kids put it all together, they made prime rib and chicken sit down dinner with all the fixings. We played Bunco after dinner, I think that there was about 60 people there. Great time, Thanks Cousins!!

On Saturday the kids and I had a home day, those don't happen very often at our house on the weekend. Lounging, playing rock band, hungry hungry hippo (one of our new favorites), playing outside (which was nice, no rain). Clint was gone all day coaching wrestling.

On Sat. night we were invited to Jared and Lanette's for dinner. Jared wanted to challenge me to my new addiction, American Idol on the Wii. It was a great competition. I think Lanette won the first game and then it came down to me and Jared for the 2nd one. I don't mean to sound boastful, But I believe I TOOK HIM DOWN!!! I got some great shots of him though. Always a fun time with them!

It was a great relaxing weekend. :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Home safe and sound!

We are back home again. Everything dry and just as we left it. Thanks for all your prayers.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ok, I jinx us!

We are still safe...however we are evacuated. We are staying with Clint's sister Erica and her family. We think our house will be OK, Our neighborhood is set up pretty high. I believe and hope they are just being cautious, do to the fact that the only way into Orting is to go over a bridge and they are hoping for no bridge damage. They do not want anyone trapped there. We have prepared for the worst, we are sand bagged and everything is placed up high. Everything with value is with us. Please keep us and our little town in your prayers.

Flooding in Orting....

I just wanted to let everyone know, We are safe. They are evacuating everyone across town from us, which includes our cousins Lj's family. Clint is over there right now sand bagging. All the kids are coming home from school early, they should be home any minute. Just keep our little town in your prayers, and pray for the families that are already flooded.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

7 new posts!

I can not believe I got so behind! We have been so busy! I hope this gets you up to date on our crazy lives! We have been doing great though, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Sun Mountain Lodge!

We were invited to go to Sun Mountain Lodge with all the Supervisors for Rodarte Construction. We all met on Monday morning and headed off for our adventure. It was a beautiful, romantic place. We had a buffet steak/rib dinner that night. Then we got pretend money and had a casino night. The top 7 winners won, and Clint was #7, so he got $50.
The next morning, We thought we would give Ice Skating a try. It was been 15 years since I have done that. It was a blast.
All the girls.

Clint and I can cut some ice!
We had a Couple Speed Skating Performance. He even lifted me above his head! LOL Just kidding!

Then we went on a Sleigh Ride up the Mountain.
(Clint's cool sunglasses, They were my Aunt's.:))
We had 2 sleighsAt the top, We had Hot Cider/Cocoa, and Went Sledding
People our size, it can get a little dangerous! It would look like the sled would disappear.

The Whole Group!

It was a fast, fun trip!


Carter had a tough weekend at wrestling. With all the snow and Christmas and all. There had been no practice. He won 1 and lost 2. Overall he took, 3rd. He still got a metal!

The 26th

On the 26th, We went to Matt and Erica's to spend Christmas with Clint's Dad. It was a yummy breakfast!
I am not sure if I mentioned before, Grandpa got the kids The Wii, for their birthday a couple of weeks ago. So for Christmas, they always get so spoiled. Great toys, and the cutest clothes. But to go with all that.....ROCKBAND!
My kids rock at it too!
All the Dad's have to have a turn too!
Then, we had to have a sing off....The Diddy's have PS2, Erica has all the Sing it games. Erica and Kevin battled it up....Ice Ice Baby! Too funny! I think Kevin's middle name is Ice!
Thanks Grandpa and Aurora, for all the fun!

Christmas Day!

We had a wonderful Christmas! Every year I am more and more thankful for all the blessing we have received. We are so blessed and have so much to be thankful for!!
My kids got everything they could ever need or want! Clint and I did too!

We spent the afternoon with Clint's family, at his Mom's.
Lane loved his new hat!
Grandma with all the Grand kids! (Lane and Tessa are missing)

Christmas Eve....

Christmas Eve we went to My Sister Alysa's house and had a wonderful breakfast. We exchanged gifts, She ALWAYS spoils us! Mariah and Jordan got guitars. They had been asking for one all year. I got a radio for my kitchen (the kind that mounts under the cupboard) it is so exciting! Now I bake and sing my heart out. Thanks for everything Powers family!

Then, we headed to Clint's Mom's house and had dinner. Clint's brother Kevin and his family were here from Reno. My kids really enjoyed seeing their cousins.
The kids read us some Christmas books.
Then all the kids decorated cookie for Santa.

Our festivities!

On the 23rd, We went to the Lawson's and had craft, baking day with them and the Sandovals. This year instead of buying presents for each other, we made memories. It was a great hit for the kids.

We made tree ornaments, hand wreaths, necklaces, frosted cupcakes, and cookies. They even played in the snow for 20 mins between each craft, So the Mom's could prepare for the next thing. Thanks for the fun ladies!

All the snow!

Can you believe how much snow we got? Clint and the kids loved it. I enjoy it for a little while, but I don't really drive in it, so I get cabin fever. Uncle Matt built the kids a huge hill, with the backhoe we all sled down. It was a blast.

Clint giving Carter a big push.