Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Yesterday the kiddos and I took advantage of 1/2 days conference week. We headed to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins. We went to Spooners, and we had the whole place to ourselves. It was so nice!
Funny Face!

Poser Jordan

The gang

Me with my kiddos!

I decided to jump right in, and get them all carved too. Carter and Clint have wrestling practice every night. So it sounded great to me. My handy neighbor boy is so good to my kids. He was a ton of help. 5 big pumpkins=4 cookie sheets of delish pumpkin seeds. My favorite part.=P
(Mr. Lane got cold, he was watching from the window)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun Full Weekend!!

I can't even believe that my "NEWBORN" is old enough to go hunting with Dad. What is even more weird, is that Carter went his first year when he was two, and now Lane is 3 and I think he is WAY to little. But I guess not, because Clint said he was a little trooper he even hiked.

This is 5 in the morning when they left. So excited!
This is the picture Clint sent me through text. Out in the woods. I just wanted to squeeze them. So cute. Even Lane has a gun between his legs. His BB Gun.:) Lane cracks me up!!
So, Due to it being the last weekend before Halloween, Clint (The great guy that he is) cut his hunting weekend short to take us to Remlinger Farms. I was so excited! We went with my cousin Jenny's family. The weather got pretty crappy half way through the day...but that didn't slow us down.

Lane, Cousin Cody and Carter on the train
Cousins Karley, Kaylie, Tristan, Sam and Mariah and Jordan
Clint and Me
I thought it would be fun to compare this years with last years. A few small changes.=P Clint looks exactly the same to me. Even his outfit, lol!
The girls and Lane
My little crew

Just for you Alysa, Your little pig!
Lane and Cousin Tristan in the baby ferris wheel. They were so cute, they got the giggles in there. Too funny!

Lane and his new smile when he sees the camera
Carter, Jordan and Mariah
Kiddos on the pedal go carts
Lane in the huge jump thing.

Half of us on the train

Thomas gang

OK, So I got a wild hair. Kevin said to me "Come on lets go climb the wall" To bad he didn't join me! But I have to say I was pretty proud! I make it to the top. I forgot until I got 3/4 of the way up that I am afraid of heights. I was literally shaking. But right when I reached for the red button, I fell. Anyone that know me, knows I am not to graceful. So when I fell, my pant leg got caught on one of the hooks. I was hanging upside down. Great sight to see! Thank goodness it was quick, no pictures to prove it! LOL! I hit my wrist and knee some where on the way down. So after a couple of bruises, I can say I climbed a rock wall! I could have never of done that last year!

Lane on the train. His hat was a hoot! I was laughing so hard. I love his ears!

It was such a fun day! Finished the day of with a caramel apple. Lane was eating his with his eyes closed. We were all wet and cold, and all pooped out!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Little Man Cracks Me Up!

Lane~ "Mom, Knock Knock"

Mom~"Who's there?"

Lane~ "Sexy"

Mom~" Sexy, Who?"

Lane~"Sexy Mama"

Mom~Ha, Ha "Only my 3 year old!!"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blog? Oh Ya I have a Blog...

I have totally abandoned my blog, I am So SORRY Alysa, and all! I have to admit, I am a Facebook junkie! I have also been really bad lately about taking pictures. I broke my camera at the dunes in Sept., so I only have Clint's camera to work with and it is not my favorite.:(
Well, Anyways I have not been up to much. Just every day life. Kids are busy in school and Clint just started hunting season last weekend. No luck for him, hoping for a big buck next weekend.:) That would make him a very happy man!
I am always busy doing something but now that I sit down to make this blog post I can't think of anything that I have been doing... I have been doing a lot of baking. I love to smell yummy treats in the oven this time of year. So I have been doing a lot of that.
With all the kids in school, I gets lots of time with my little man Lane! He is so much fun! We play all day. What would do with out him?

I had a get together a couple of weeks ago at my sister Lydia's house, and we had photo shoot. (Always FUN)
My best friend LeAnn (from High School) went to Our friend Lindsay's (From High School) wedding . It is always so great to see old friends and catch up.
LeAnn and Me ( Her little one Taila, is hiding under there)

It was so great to see Andrea, and her family. Check out little Kennedy's eyes! Pretty like Mommy!

So there is a little of what we have been up to....
I hope to have some Pumpkin Patch pictures soon. (With all of us in it, hint hint Clint!) I hope hunting season allows that.:)