Saturday, January 2, 2010

It has been awhile....

I didn't even know where to begin...So I looked through my pictures and picked a few of my favorites.
The boys had a fun hunting season this year. No deer/or Elk for them but made some great memories. Maybe next year Clint.=P

Halloween for the Thomas'= Buzz "Lighter", Lady Bug, Fox Rider, and Cowboy!

On December 13Th, We celebrated 3 Birthdays. Mariah and Jordan are now 9 and Carter is 7! Wow time flies!!

Christmas with My sisters is always fun.
Me and my niece Sara, Love her!!

Me with My Sisters!

A Bunch of the cutest kids in their new Snuggies!

Christmas at Dad's.

Carter wrestling. This is Our life right now. 6 days a week! He is having a great year so far, wish him luck at Subs next week!

A night away with the Powers (My Sister's family). We decided to make a memory this year instead of presents. So we headed to Sequim. It was fun, and low key. Lots of swimming, eating and visiting.

Yes, That is Lane.:)
And of course the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim
So that is a little of what we have been up to. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday too!