Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wresling has begun!

It is official, our lives are devoted to wrestling once again. This is Carter's 2ND year, we are so impressed how much he remembered from last year, and I swear since he started school his attention span is so much longer. He is doing great. Clint is one of the coaches, so he gets lots of help. Our first match is on Sat, so I am sure I will have lots of pictures.

She spoils me!!

If any of you know me very well, you know I love to spoil people. Make cookies for others, watch kids, buy little things, do peoples laundry, etc. Well, I was so excited on Tuesday my cousin Jenny came over and made my kids more caramel apples (since they were such a big hit). She only had 2 hours before she had to pick up her kids and We got so much done. We made Popcorn balls, Sugar cookies, Monkey Munch, it was so much fun to have company making my Halloween treats. ( I wished you lived closer Alysa, I missed you!) I felt so spoiled, she is so thoughtful to come and make my kids apples. She got to see how quiet my house is too, just me and Lane, He was so excited to help too. He found his little spot on the counter and watched. Too cute, I wish you could of heard them talk to each other. Thanks for making the Thomas' feel special Jenny, We love you!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Weekend.......

On Saturday, Clint had to work, so me and the kids went out to search for costumes for the girls at the good ol' Value Village. We figured every ones out and got that done. Then we headed to meet my sister Alysa and her family and Clint (since he got off work in time to see them too). They were on their way home (Everett) from Great Wolf Lodge, (Spoiled) so they meet us for some yummy Krispy Kremes in Southhill. It was so great to see them. As our kids get older I feel like we see each other less and less, because of sports and just life. So I will take what I can get.

The kids get so excited .

On Sunday, The girls had a birthday party for a little girl from school. It was at the Spooners Pumpkin patch. So after the party we went and checked out the kiddy zone and the animals. It was one of the pumpkin patches that we had never been too, and it was really neat. The kiddy zone had duck races, area to make music (all different kinds of pots and pans), baby chickens, and rabbits. We enjoyed it. That is our last one for the year. Did that make 5?

Then we went to the Lawsons (Cousins) for some yummy Chili and fried bread. And to carve pumpkins. Jenny bought the cool kits to make different kind of faces. The kids did such a good job. I think It was the first year they could do it all by them selves. And they look great. We only had to help Lane.

Carter had to have a picture by himself. :)
Then all the kids made Caramel Apples. They were so tasty.
Thanks for all the fun Lawsons!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Favorite!

OK, I never do Friday Favorites but I thought I would do one this week. This week is conference week at our school and Carter's teacher told me about the coolest website. It is for all ages, starting to learn letters all the way up to getting better at reading. Carter and Lane loved it. They sat in this position for 1 hour. Carter clicks it and Lane gets so excited and says what the picture is and the sounds of the letters. (I know in this picture his puppy is shoved into his mouth, it was out before I took the picture, lol) Lane is now walking around the house saying "L" "R" and then says "Letters". He is so proud. It is really neat. So I thought I would share. It is free, and really cute. Check it out.:)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween party.

Yesterday morning the boys were invited to a Halloween party. They had so much fun. Little crafts, game and yummy lunch and cupcakes!
Everyone looked so cute! Lane was Dale the Race car driver! Carter was Spiderman! It is so funny though because Carter was Dale when he was two and I feel like I am looking at Carter. They look exactly the same. I will have to dig out pictures and show you.

Thank you Sarah and Khylee, It was great to see you!

Remlinger Farms here we come!!

So, like I said before, We like to hit up every Pumpkin patch around. Remlinger farms for sure is the best! It is like a carnival, you pay 15 dollars each to get in and you can do everything inside. Lots of rides, train ride to look at the animals, yummy food. It was a blast!

These bikes were so fun too, they rode them around the track.

Lane was a crack up, NO FEAR. He jumped right into the hay thing over and over. See him in action.:)

Mariah, Carter and Jordan did the rock wall climb. They did so good!

It was such a fun day!!

The Big 27!!

Matt celebrated his 27th Birthday on Sat too.
Happy Birthday Uncle Matt. We love you!!

More Pumpkin Palace...

Since We had so much fun, we went back on Saturday with the Diddys. Clint and Carter were hunting again, so it was just Mariah, Jordan, Lane and me. It is always weird when Carter is gone. But we had fun, the girls were excited they got to go where Carter went on his field trip.

Erica and Happy Colson behind that B.

Uncle Matt, Hailey and Lane
Mariah is the Hula Girl!!

Carters field trip to The Pumpkin Palace.

Last Tuesday we joined Carter's class and went to the Pumpkin Patch. It was really fun, I am really enjoying getting to know all the other parents.

Don't my boys look like twins. I think they look more alike then my girls.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tag, I guess I am it!

I've been tagged!

My Cousin Lorri tagged me. Kristin she tagged you too, I am waiting!! She would like me to share 6 "quirky" things about myself.

This word Quirky has really got me stumped! I really don't know if these things are quirky. I have asked a few people what they would say, I do, that is quirky and I came to the conclusion that I just have a very obsessive personality. Everything I came up with that I thought was quirky, it would just fall back to the fact that it isn't that weird, but since I obsess about it, it becomes weird. Do you get it? Tell me what you think.:)

1. I have this thing about being on time. I will sometimes be 15 minutes early and wait in my car because I was afraid I might get stuck in traffic. If I am ever late check if Clint is with me, I swear he loves to make me late. I am only late if he is involved. The kids and I will wait in the car for him. I can get 4 kids and myself ready and he still is the last one ready. GRRR!

2. I love sauces and dips with my food. Sometimes I don't even think it is worth eating if I don't have my dip. 2 examples, I put french fry sauce( the mayo/ketchup combination) in my Tacos.
Like most people use sour cream I use fry sauce. And another food thing I do is, At a Mexican restaurant I put Sugar in my Salsa. It is so tasty, You know me, I love sweetness! But believe me, Everyone looks at me like I am a crazy woman!

3. In my back of my car, I have a full complete outfit for all 6 of us. You never know if you will need a change of clothes. What if a kid slips in the mud? Or Clint has to work on our car or Someone Else's car and gets wet or dirty? Or if I am holding a cute cuddly baby and it pukes or poops on me? You never know.

4. Laundry!!! I have this thing about LAUNDRY! It has to be done everyday. And when I say done I mean everything but what is on our backs. If I ever get behind, due to Camping or busy weekend, I will get up in the night and switch the loads and wake up before everyone and fold it. That is no big deal right? But when it gets weird is when I go to other peoples houses, and I see laundry I start doing it for them, weather it needs washed or folded or put away, I help myself, I feel like it calls my name. I almost don't even realize I do it, it is just 2ND nature.

5. My kids, I have some things that I think more obsessive than quirky but I will share.

I bathe my kids every morning. Even if they had a bath the night before, I have to bathe them in the morning. I am sure they might not even be dirty, but It is our routine and I stick to it. I feel like if not, they will not have a fresh start to the day.

I like my kids to always sleep in their own beds. I feel like everyone safe, sleeps better and is more rested in the morning. I am getting a little bit better with letting them spend the night with cousins,(as they get older) but I really don't care for it. Even if we are at home, I know a lot of people let their kids sleep in the living room or where ever. But If my kids fall asleep watching a movie I always carry them to their bed.

My kids have to wear undershirts. I feel like they look cleaner for some reason. I also think it make them stay warmer. They don't complain, they don't know any different. :) Weird I know!

Lane carries around a little blue puppy blanket, he sucks on it like a pacifier, and I am obsessed with it. He has 2 and I am so afraid to lose them. One has to be washed and one he gets to use. My cousins like to tease me with it and hide it. I swear it raises my blood pressure. I FREAK OUT if I don't know exactly where it is. I think I love it more than him. (Clint hates it and says he is too old. I tell him get used to it, he is a NEWBORN, and he will have it until he is 10.:))

6. I have a bed time routine. I have to wash my face ( and of course brush my teeth) before I go to bed. I have to have a large glass of ice water to drink on my night stand. Then when I get into bed I put on lip stuff, really thick, Like Kristin says, so it looks like I just ate fried chicken. Sexy I know! Then I pop my back. Then I rotate my pillow so it is cold on my ear. And I have to say, I can be asleep with in 5 minutes. I am sure because I am so OCD about all the above, I am exhausted!:)

So there you have it! I AM OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCING I AM A MORE FREAKISH THAN QUIRKY! I asked Clint what do I do that is weird, and he couldn't think of anything. I think he thinks everyone is just like me, Please don't tell him anything different. Tee hee. Are you sure you want to get to know me better, Lorri? I am crazy.

I now tag Kristin, Come on, double whammy!! Danette and Lanette, ( I am dying for a new post.:)) And make them very QUIRKY!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Doing better....:)

I just wanted to let you all know, that Thank Goodness for antibiotics!! He did have strep, Poor thing! But he is feeling much better. My happy NB (Newborn) is back!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My poor baby!

So, It is cold season again, all my kiddos have had a cold, but I swear the little guy always gets it the worst. It is so sad, his little runny nose made a turn for the worse. He started getting a sore throat on Sunday. I guess we were on the go a little to much. He has been waking up every hour for the last 2 nights with a fever and crying ouwie. So I took him in this morning, the Doc said it looks like strep throat, but the rapid read test came back negative. They swabbed his throat, gave him antibiotics and said they will call with the results.

Isn't it weird how you take for granted how easy life is, then when babies get sick everyone is tired and miserable. I just miss my newborn. I can't wait until he is better. I just thought I would share what I have been doing the last couple of days. I had to look at some pictures when he was happy.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Weekend Without 2 of my guys!

Well, first thing Saturday morning we got this picture on a text, Lucky Matt got his Deer. He was so excited, His 1st buck!

We were just busy busy as always. I like to keep the kids busy when Daddy is gone, so they don't dwell on missing him. But I must say, 3 days without Carter is quiet, simple and lonely. I miss him, he is our laughter .:(
This is what kept us busy on Sat. night. Aunt Erica made sock puppets with the kids. They had so much fun putting on puppet shows. Thanks Erica!

On Sunday my cousins came over for breakfast and then we walked to the Pumpkin festival in Orting. There wasn't a whole lot to do, (well for free any how:)) But they did a couple of games and a hay dig for candy. Then of course play at the park. It is always fun with Cousin.:)

Lane is hiding behind Jordan

Well, it was a fun exhausting weekend. Lane fell asleep in the Target cart on the way to a birthday party. I am so lucky to have such a easy going kid.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

We went to the Maris Farms pumpkin patch yesterday, It was KMPS 94 cent day, WAHOO!
Here are all the kiddos on the Corn Maze.

I was so excited about this picture because I think the last one was taken in 2001, lol. Erica and I are the ones always with the cameras.
Me with my kids. It is so hard to get a cute picture with all 4. But I think they are always cute.:)
Even with Lane's tongue.:)
It was a fun day, I am sure I will hit up all the pumpkin patches by Halloween. Hunting season for Clint and Carter has started. We had to hurry home after the pumpkin patch so Carter could leave with Clint. They will be gone for 3, yes I said 3 nights. I hope Carter does good. That is a long time for him to not be babied by Mommy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Crazy fun weekend!!

We had one the busiest weekend ever. It was so much fun though. I will just share from Friday night when Clint got home. We went to dinner with Jared, Lanette and the kids and Jerry, April and Brandon. We went to yummy all you can eat Chinese. Then we woke up on Saturday morning and went to the little Hornets football game. We have 4 little cousins that played. So we watched from 10:30 to 1:00. Good job boys! Then we went home to pick up the bad boy MOTORHOME! And we headed down to Centralia to my niece Sara's house for our 1st birthday of the weekend. Little Caylie turned 3. We decided to stay the night down there, since we never get to spend much time with them.
Here is 2 of my Sisters, Lydia and Carole
We did a little of Karaoke. The girls loved it. My girls had been addicted to wearing their cowboy hats lately. Aren't they cute:)
I love them from the back too.
My two nieces, Sara and Stef are amazing!
It was such a fun night, thanks for the great time, Williams family! Then we headed home, Clint let me drive the last 20 minutes back to Our house. (I would be the best school bus driver,lol)
Well, we got home with 20 minutes to spare, hopped in the Excursion to head to our 2nd party of the weekend. Auburn Skate here we come.

Clint and Newborn Lane

I must say, my girls are so good, and fast on skates!
Jordy Dawn
Carter was so good this time too, He was crusin!
Lane didn't want any help half the time! (I bet you have never seen a newborn skate)
Clint and the girls racing .
Happy 9th Birthday Selena! Then we headed to our last birthday! At Bullwinkles Family Fun Center! The kids were so excited. Go carts, bumper boats and lots of games!
I don't think I have ever laughed so hard. My kids got out there and when their time was over, Jordan and Carter couldn't get their boats back to the dock. The were starting to panic. But, they did it!

Mariah Carter
Daddy and Lane watching.

Happy 14th Birthday Sami Jo! We love you! Thanks for the fun party!