Monday, September 14, 2009

A Great Anninversary Weekend!!

This last Friday Clint and I celebrated Our 10 anniversary. We started a great weekend off at the Jason Aldean concert. It was at the Puyallup Fair, It was a rodeo and concert in one. Let me just say Jason knows how to rock! It was an amazing show!!

Us and Matt and Erica
Us waiting in the Yummy Scone line.:)
Erica and I. We spoiled our guys, we bought new "Hick" shirts for the concert. Clint just loved that!
Saturday morning Clint and I left on a little night away. We weren't quite sure where we were headed, so we headed East. It is just so fun to be alone.

Our truck lead us to Snoqualmie falls. It was under construction, so we could not walk down to the bottom.:( but it was fun anyways. And so beautiful!

From there we went shopping in North Bend, had a wonderful dinner in Ellensburg. They have a new Roadhouse Restaurant. It was so good! A must stop, if you are ever traveling through. Then we went for a walk around a lake. We stayed in Ellensburg. Did more shopping in Ellensburg and Yakima. Had a yummy lunch and then headed back to the kids. It was so great! I start to miss our entertainment (The kids) after a short while. I always say, what do people do with out kids. It is so quiet.
So let me review ~ Clint was so romantic! For all of you who know Clint, Don't pass out while you read this. Clint took me shopping, letting me try on clothes ( while he hung out and he also gave me his opinion, wow), took me on a walk around a lake (it being his suggestion), took pictures of us. Clint was a out of his skin! LOL! He was amazing!! I don't mean for it to sound like he is normally a jerk, he is just normally a manly guy. No time for shopping, usually says "looks fine Babe, lets go", When ever I pull out the camera he fights me for a smile. etc. It was so great to be pampered!

I love you babe!! YOU TRULY ARE THE BEST! Can't believe we have 10 years under our belt. Time really does fly! Many many more to come!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a LUCKY boy!

Last friday, Uncle Matt called and asked if he could borrow Carter for the afternoon. He wanted to take him riding. What a lucky little guy, what uncle does that? Takes off work early for his little nephew? Carter was so excited!

Here they go! I just thought the big and little bike was so cute in the back of the truck.

(Notice Lane, watching them leave. Just have to be a little older...won't be long Uncle!)

Uncle Matt even took some great pictures! Love it!!

The two of them made some great memories. Matt gave Carter some great tips! We love Uncle Matt's advice. (He is the best rider around!! See below Picture. Matt took 1ST in a HUGE race a few weeks ago!) Matt you are the greatest!! Thanks for loving Carter so much!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of school!!!!

Summer is over.:( I can't believe I have 3rd graders and that Carter is a big 1st grader!! He is to too little to be gone all day. My girls are getting too old too. It is such a big change for me, and I DON'T do well with change. I would love if they would just stay little!!
The girls were so excited to go to Ptarmigan school ( which is 3-5 grade). Big change for them. Carter was a little nervous to be at the primary school all by himself. He kept saying "I would rather stay home with you, Mom." Which is bitter sweet to me.:) He did really good though...No tears. For him anyways. (Always hard for mom)

I will sure miss them! Lane and I have a quiet house. Anyone want to go to lunch?